IMPORTANT: Public Hearing on Commercial Activity at Public Parks

September 16th, 2012

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If you play tennis- recreational users, adult and youth league, teach or take lessons - JTT, USTA, private pro, high school coach, at any public court, these public hearings will affect you.

Attendance at these public hearings by the tennis playing and teaching public is important and critical. The meetings are for all commercial activities at public parks. This is an opportunity for the tennis community of competitive and recreational players, teams, groups and organizations to show that they value and care about public tennis courts and their highest use.


The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will hold four public hearings on Oahu (see schedule of locations) to consider public testimony and comments in determining whether certain commercial activities should be allowed in City parks.

And, the Department will consider public testimony and comments in the development of rules and regulations to govern approved commercial activities.


All tennis players who play at public parks and the over 150 teaching pros and coaches who do not teach at private clubs.


Numerous critical issues are at stake, including processes and structures with regard to usage, permits, and teaching.  Many voices are needed to call for a focus on community tennis issues and a better public park experience for all.


Share the notice with friends, team mates, and attend at least one if not several hearings.  Take the time to review the important issues and testify.


5-7 PM this week, Monday through Thursday. See the public hearing notices below for locations and complete details:

Sept 17    Kilauea District Park (all parks from Ala Moana to Sandy Beach)

Sept 18    Waialua District Park (all parks from Makapuu to Mokuleia)

Sept 19    Kaneohe District Park (all parks from Lanikai to Kaneohe)

Sept 20    WaianaeDistrict Park (all parks from Ewa Beach to Keaau)

HIT's Tennis Sisters Forms First Hawaii Women's Open Team

September 4th, 2012

New York - Winner of last year's Women's Open Nationals

Welcome to Tennis Sisters News

Hi Everyone,

It's time! Tennis Sisters, HIT's women's and girls' match play and mentoring program is sending Hawaii's first team to the big show, Open Nationals. It all takes place at the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas, September 28-30. There's excitement in the air as the top post collegiate women across the US converge on Vegas for a winner take all tournament as well as an all out party. Here's the latest.

Meet the Hawaii Team

Hawaiian Isles Tennis' Tennis Sisters is honored and proud to announce the names of six women, ambassadors of the sport, Hawaii and our global community in a competitive arena. Each person represents the spirit of aloha, diversity, and excellence in sportswomanship. While not every player is from the Islands, all are stepping up to seize a grand experience and establish a path for girls and women from each of the Hawaiian isles and from each player's home town.

TEAM 2012
  1. Pam Cooke (5.0) Maui & CA
  2. Kristina Hollander (6.0) Las Vegas, NV
  3. Leilani Magee, Captain (5.5) Honolulu, Oahu, HI
  4. Michelle Martinez (5.0) Kilauea, Kauai, HI
  5. Angie Riedel (4.5) Wauwatosa, WI
  6. Gyorgyi Zsiros (6.0) Henderson, NV

Pam Cooke

Kristina Hollander

Leilani Magee, Captain

Michelle Martinez

Angela Riedel

Gyorgyi Zsiros

These players have expressed an interest in participating on one of one or two HI Open teams in 2013:
  1. Junko Kadomatsu, (5.0) Oahu, HI
  2. Jean Okada, (6.0) Maui
  3. Jen Oshita, Oahu
  4. Kimmie Ouchi, (4.5) Maui
  5. Aglaë Van den Bergh (5.5) Oahu
  6. Lynn Vosloo, Oahu
  7. Rie Yukihiro, (4.5) Oahu

4.5 women are encouraged to develop their games and aim for 5.0 and 5.5 to get in the mix.


Visit our team page to keep up with our progress.


The Hawaii Women's team's hotel accommodations are covered thanks to the generosity of international tennis organizing wizard, Rob Kinas.


Tennis Sisters (Nai`a 35 y.o. +, compete in 4.5/A league), Na Kohola (career to collegiate/under 35 y.o. who have played or play college tennis) and Nu`au (juniors/state ranked top 10 and must play Women's Open tourneys) who would like to be a part of Women's Open Nationals Team practices on Oahu, you are welcome. Here is the schedule. These are 2 hour training sessions to include any or all of: drilling, match play and stretching. No charge. Led by Team Captain, Leilani Magee.

Practice dates are as follows. For planning purposes, rsvp to Leilani at (email preferred) no later than 48 hrs. in advance of each practice.

5:30 PM Kilauea Tuesday nights (11, 18, 25)
7:00 PM Ala Moana Thursday nights (6, 13, 20)
5:30 PM TBA Friday nights (7, 14, 21)
7:00 AM Ala Puumalu (Moanalua) Sunday mornings (9, 16, 23)

Tennis Sisters Open Nationals team training to date was a nice concept but challenging with no two of us living on the same island. Thanks to Michelle Martinez who flew in to Oahu for Sectionals for practice last month. To each independent and resourceful HI Team member, good luck with practice match play and with your preparations to stay healthy, flexible, strong. As for the rest of the Tennis Sisters on Oahu, join me in September!


Stay in touch with us via comments and photos on:

Looking forward to a great experience created by the sum of us. Hope to hear from each of you soon.

Abundant Aloha,
Hawaii Team Captain
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Four years of Play Tennis! on Maui

August 31st, 2012

Play Tennis! is the after school excellence in character and tennis program provided free of charge by Hawaiian Isles Tennis (HIT) to the keiki of underserved communities in Hawaii. HIT launched the program in 2009 and in its first year, provided 23 free clinics on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Lanai, and on the Big Island in Hilo and Kona. Volunteers, community tennis leaders, coaches, juniors and new players to the sport gathered for the large group experiences. Those involved have a great sense of fun and renewed community to have active, joyful, meaningful group experiences with players throughout the islands.

This summer, Jeanne Guanzon, USPTA P-3 pro and Sharon Heintzman a league competitor, experienced school teacher and HIT Instructor conducted the Play Tennis! program for one special day on Maui and here's a bit of their story plus a brief look back in photos at Play Tennis! on Maui:


HIT is the 2nd generation of  its progenitor, Upcountry Tennis.

Here's a synopsis from HIT Coach, Sharon Heintzman who along with HIT Pro, Jeanne Guanzon, led the 2012 summer Play Tennis! program on a warm summer day in July in Makawao. She writes:

Their ages ranged from eight to around fifteen. Out of the twenty or so that showed up a few had tennis shoes and all were beginners.

Jeanne's wonderful variety of quick moving drills that was fun for the kids...She has such a lively personality that the kids instantly adhered to her.

We exposed them to, court etiquette, fair play, good sportsmanship, working together as a team, forehand, backhand, and volleys. At the end of the clinic the each got the chance to be queen or king of the court by maintaining a rally. Some of them did pretty well; building self-esteem.

Jeanne is awesome. I would do it again with her in a heartbeat. It was a very successful afternoon.

Leilani you had the vision…we just carried it out. Good job everyone!

Just love kids,

Sharon Heintzman




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Tennis Sister: Michelle Martinez Checks in from Kauai

July 22nd, 2012

Interview with Tennis Sister and bright light on Kauai, Michelle Martinez of Kapaa.

1. What's happening with you?  

Well, this past school year I had the pleasure of helping bring the Play Tennis! Program to Kapaa Middle School on Kauai.  The kids loved it, and I had a blast! When I'm not on the court or at the beach, I work on community projects that are providing greater access to locally grown produce and healthy food. This is a challenge on our small island, but the ultimate goal of the work I do is to make living healthier easier for everyone.

2. What are you focused on in tennis this summer and perhaps next Fall?


I just finished competing in the USTA 9.0 Mixed Sectionals on the Big Island.  This summer I'll be training hard because in September I go to Las Vegas with the Hawaii Women's Open team to participate in the National Team Championships. I couldn't be more excited about representing Hawaii and competing against some big time players! 

Kauai represents Best of Hawaii at Nationals

July 22nd, 2012

Tammie Quinlan (R) chats with Masako Magee after Kauai's triumphant finish at Sr. Sectionals

In-Sinc, a team of women tennis players from Kauai won 4.5 Senior Section Championships in May on Maui at the Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch. In-Sinc defeated the top team from Maui and the dominant team from Oahu. As a result, the Kauai women represent the best of Hawaii in their age and division at the USTA 4.5 Senior Women's Nationals October 19-21, 2012.

Our team "In-Sinc" was named after Sinclair Bill, our dear friend.  She was our inspiration through the tournament.  We were ecstatic when we secured it after our third match win against Maui.

Ms. Quinlan is a 4.5 senior league player, a volunteer junior tennis coach and an all around long time supporter and builder of the Kauai tennis community.

Read more in The Garden IslandKaua‘i senior tennis team wins Sectionals, off to Nationals

Members of In-Sinc

  1. Sue Anderson
  2. Judy Mince
  3. Tammie Quinlan
  4. Valerie Rekward
  5. Carol Surratt, Captain
  6. Diane Treskon
  7. Loutoa Zoller

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