Hawaii Senior Olympics Sportsmanship Award Named after Brian Miyagi

December 19th, 2009

Brian Miyagi Hawaii Senior Olympics Sportsmanship Award Winners Benny Quiseng and Norbert "Doc" Baysa on either side of Brian's wife, Jill Miyagi.

Words: Leilani Magee
The newly established Brian Miyagi Sportsmanship Award remembers a friend to many and pillar in the Hawaii tennis community. Brian passed away on court at last year's event while playing for the gold. The year after he departed has been a year of great change and challenge. Brian was a person we counted on to cover the bases and go the extra mile and in his absence we miss him. Many times during the year friends have mentioned the loss felt. One friend mentioned taking a tennis ball to meetings to remember and represent Brian's presence, especially when extra strength was essential. Brian is survived by his wife Jill, his son and daughter Scott and Shannon, and his mother.

Lurline Fujii, Doc, Benny, Jill

Words: Lurline Fujii, Tournament Director, Hawaii Sr. Olympics
Photos: Thanks to Jill Miyagi

Both Benny and Doc have participated in the Hawaii Senior Olympics and National Senior Games - Senior Olympics since 1998, the first year of Hawaii's participation in the Senior Olympics. They both are tremendous competitors, displaying good sportsmanship, always willing to help out, and are true gentlemen.

This year, at the National Senior Olympics which was held on the Stanford Campus in Palo Alto, California, they won their first Silver Medal in Men's 75 Doubles.

Norbert "Doc" Baysa goes for a forehand

Q & A with Lurline Fujii, Hawaii Senior Olympics Tournament Director

Q: How did the tourney go?
A: "It went well, entries were small (about 30 total matches). Used only 2 courts..."

Q: Compared to past years, more or less participants?
A: "Since this was not a qualifying year the entries were down. Next year is a qualifying year for the National Senior Olympics that will be held in Houston, TX, in August of 2011. 1st and 2nd place winners qualify.
The National committee is trying to get as many indoor venues as possible because it's going to be very hot in August."

Q: Any advice for players as they make their calendars for next year (nationals year)?
A. "Next year the tournament will probably be run again in December. My schedule is full throughout the year and Dec. is about the only month I am at home for the entire month."


Hawaii Senior Olympics Tennis Results
Kailua Racket Club
December 5-6; 12-13, 2009

55 Women Singles
Gold – Tracy Byrnes
Silver – Carolyn Annerud

60 Women Singles
Gold – Pat Neils
Silver – Diane Takara

50 Women Doubles
Gold – Margaret Peebles & Chicadee Moniz

55 Women Doubles
Gold – Tracy Bryrnes & Eloise Murashige

60 Women Doubles
Gold – Diane Takara & Eloise Murashige
Silver – Charline Nakashima & Pat Neils

55 Mixed Doubles
Gold – Libby & Paul Tomar
Silver – Carolyn Annerud & Curtis Miller

60 MXD
Gold – Diane Takara & Mohammed Ashraf
Silver – Charline Nakashima & Larry Masuno

65 MXD
Gold – Ann Brazier & John Stanley
Silver – Lurline Fujii & William Milks

50 Men Singles
Gold – Charles Booth
Silver – Gale Ching
Bronze – John Burns

55 Men Singles
Gold – Gordon Apolzer
Silver – Andres Libed
Bronze – Vince Costello

60 Men Singles
Gold – Ken Wong
Silver – Esmond Marks

65 Men Singles
Gold – John Marrack
Silver – John Stanley
Bronze – TBA

70 Men Singles
Gold – Tom Sugita
Silver – Ed Amor

75 Men Singles
Gold – Benny Quiseng
Silver – Norbert Baysa
Bronze – Mike Fuller

50 Men Doubles
Gold – Marty Black & RK Beers
Silver – Robert McGuire & Gordon Apolzer

55 Men Doubles
Gold – Wayne Sasaki & Andres Libed
Silver – Bruce Nagel & RK Beers

60 Men Doubles
Gold – Mohammed Ashraf & Larry Masumo
Silver – Paul Tomar & Esmond Marks

65 Men Doubles
Gold – William Milks & John Self

70 Men Doubles
Gold – Tom Sugita & Ed Amor

75 Men Doubles
Gold – Benny Quiseng & Norbert Baysa
Silver – Mike Fuller & Robert McGlone

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